Our Mission

To Provide premier systems solutions to our business partners through committed professionals complemented with quality products and services

Our Vision

To enchance the competitive advantage of our business partners.

About Company

Columbia Technologies, Inc. "Your Systems Solutions Partner" - January 1994 marks the year when Columbia Technologies came to be as a system solutions provider. We believe that the demand for innovation is not focused solely on products. We realized that providing an answer to our customer's every computing need is essential. Columbia Technologies take into action in fulfilling these needs by offering the total systems solution to its customers.

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    8524-0393 local 419 and 405
  • Hotlines:
    87147590 / 87147592
  • Mobile Phone:
    09399170587 / 09228540391 / 09178306928
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  • Address:
    1146 J.Nakpil Malate Manila